NV Access accepted as Google Summer of Code organization for 2020

Reef Turner

Hi all,

NV Access is pleased to announce that we have been accepted as a Google Summer of Code organization. Interested students may apply to participate in the program between 16 - 31 March, 2020. Project proposals may take some time, we recommend starting as early as you can. We strongly encourage you to contact us (Mick or Reef) so that we are aware of your interest ahead of time, and we can confirm whether or not we believe we would be able to mentor you in relation to your particular project topics you are proposing.

To aide in planning your proposals, and as required by the Google Summer of Code program, NV Access has created a Google Summer of Code 2020 ideas page. As it says on the page, we will consider proposals on any open issue that is appropriately sized for Google Summer of Code. The ideas list contains issues we believe are the right size and a good impact on the NVDA project.

For more information about the program see:

Reef (NV Access)