Just thought I'd point this out about latest betas.

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They will no longer run the 3D sounds add on from the add on page as it stands, since it seems some support for importing things has been altered in this version.
DEBUGWARNING - Python warning (09:32:28.466):
C:\nvdaclean\userConfig\addons\AudioThemes3D\globalPlugins\audioThemes\backend\unspoken\ DeprecationWarning: integer argument expected, got float
ERROR - globalPluginHandler.listPlugins (09:32:28.464):
Error importing global plugin audioThemes
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "globalPluginHandler.pyo", line 22, in listPlugins
File "C:\nvdaclean\userConfig\addons\AudioThemes3D\globalPlugins\audioThemes\", line 23, in <module>
File "C:\nvdaclean\userConfig\addons\AudioThemes3D\globalPlugins\audioThemes\dialogs\", line 17, in <module>
ImportError: cannot import name VoiceSettingsSlider
DEBUG - core.main (09:32:28.483):
Initializing core pump
DEBUG - core.main (09:32:28.484):
Initializing watchdog
DEBUG - core.main (09:32:28.484):
initializing updateCheck
INFO - core.main (09:32:28.484):
NVDA initialized
DEBUG - core.main (09:32:28.484):
entering wx application main loop

The result as you might expect is that the add on is ignored and an error ding is heard.

Thus far though pico and speech player in espeak will still work with manifest adjustments like most of the other older add onse.
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