Is this a spelling error in the code?

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While trying to find out about the now you see them,now you don't Espeak issue I came across this strange error reoccurring.

File "displayModel.pyc", line 554, in _getCaretOffset
File "displayModel.pyc", line 521, in _findCaretOffsetFromLocation
File "displayModel.pyc", line 325, in _getStoryOffsetLocations
File "baseObject.pyc", line 47, in __get__
File "baseObject.pyc", line 147, in _getPropertyViaCache
File "displayModel.pyc", line 285, in _get__storyFieldsAndRects
File "displayModel.pyc", line 183, in getWindowTextInRect
File "locationHelper.pyc", line 389, in __new__
ValueError: left=14021 is greather than right=-5824, which is not allowed

greather than

I think this was solved though by resetting to factory defaults and restarting with add ons off and then resetting the preferences.

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