Enhanced Touch Gestures August 10th snapshot, a prototype of a future NVDA pull request


Hi all,


Enhanced Touch Gestures August 10th development snapshot is now available. Note that this build is a prototype for a pull request for NVDA that will be submitted in the future. I’ll make this version available for stable channel subscribers via version 19.09 so more people can try it out before the pull request goes up.


To obtain the development snapshot, either go to community add-ons website, go to Enhanced Touch Gestures, and select “development version” link. Alternatively, if you are using Add-on Updater, go to NVDA menu/Preferences/Settings/Add-on Updater and check “Enhanced Touch Gestures” under development releases list (speaking of Add-on Updater and update channels, I’ll write an important reminder about that for add-on authors next week).




  • Completely disable touch support: now available everywhere. Previously you could not turn this off if using normal profile, meaning NVDA enabled touch support when it starts. This restriction is gone – you can now disable touch support completely even when NVDA starts. If this happens, a beep will indicate the fact that touch support is disabled. This is useful in an environment where you need to use an installed copy of NVDA while someone is helping you via touchscreen input.
  • Configuration flag changes: due to the above change, the former “no touch support” flag no longer applies. If you have previously configured disabling touch support in specific apps (via app-specific profiles), you need to configure them again.


Some more things about this add-on:


  • Enhanced Touch Gestures is Python 3 compatible. I will solidify this later this year, likely as early as 19.09.
  • A version of this add-on scheduled for later this year will drop support for NVDA releases earlier than 2019 series. Whether this coincides with release of NVDA 2019.3 stable will be determined then, but I’ll give you a grace period (at least a week or so) before dropping support for old NVDA releases.
  • As I noted above, a stable version of today’s snapshot will be made available via version 19.09 (in a few weeks) so stable channel subscribers can meet the redesigned add-on.