NVDA Community Add-on Template 2020.4 released, what's coming in 2021.1


Hi all,

NVDA Community Add-on Template 2020.4 is now available. You can grab it via Git at:


Notable changes in 2020.4 include fixing bugs related to documentation generation in languages other than English and preparation to support Markdown extensions. You can now define Markdown tables in your readme files (note that it may or may not display correctly on the community add-ons website, but hopefully it will show up correctly on GitHub).


Also, Add-on Template 2021.1 is under planning stage. As NVDA 2021.1 is planned to be a compatibility breaking release, add-ons must prepare accordingly, and Add-on Template is no exception. Specifically, the following changes are being planned:

  • No more Python 2: starting with Add-on Template 2021.1, if you wish to use the template to build add-ons, you should now use Python 3.7 or later.
  • Typing/annotations: template files will be annotated by using typing module. To provide forward compatibility, annotation syntax (notably, container type labels) will use Python 3.9 style syntax i.e. using “something: dict[]” rather than “something: Dict”. To indicate this, a future module import will be specified at the top of each file. Not all parts can be annotated.
  • Markdown extensions list: building from what I noted above, to specify Markdown extensions, you can now provide a string list of extensions as part of buildVars module. The extension string must be of the form “markdown.extensions.extensionName:extensionClass” i.e. “markdown.extensions.tables:TableExtension” to enable tables support. Speaking of Markdown, please use Markdown 3.3 or later.




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