Add-on Template: what's coming in 2020.3 edition


Hi all,

Add-on Template is changing once again. The following changes will be implemented for upcoming 2020.3 edition based on a recent feedback on GitHub issue for Add-on Template:


  • Build Vars: the long outdated add-on todo URL found in Bitbucket will be removed, and no more “u” prefix for author name/email address field as Unicode is everywhere.
  • Readme: manifest spec is now included, and minimum Python version is now 3.7 and minimum SCons version is 3.1.0.
  • SConstruct: general Flake8-based lint.
  • The template package itself will be included as a blob inside the repo to help you find it easily.


All this will be released once NVDA 2020.3 beta 1 is released to the public. I don’t expect all add-ons to use the revised template (specifically, build vars and SConstruct file), but I recommend switching to the edited template when you are ready.