Access violation with specific app and NVDA 2020.1

Noelia Ruiz


When I try to start Fab Subtitler to generate live closed captions for
teletext (in real time) at job, I need to use Narrator since using
NVDA 2020.1 I get the following error dialogs with an OK button:

1. FAB Subtitler
Access violation at address 13010CD9 in module 'sttwin.exe'.
Read of address 13010CD9.

After pressing OK:
FAB Subtitler
Access violation at address 86522121 in module 'sttwin.exe'.
Read of address 86522121.

1. Fab is an expensive proprietary application, so I think it's not
probable that a solution can be found for this specific and not very
used program. Should I create an issue to fix this in a general way or
to find some kind of workaround for other possible access violation?

2. Can I use some kind of configuration or command line parameters to
start Fab with NVDA without switching to Narrator for this single
Fab website:
Attached is a debug NVDA's log.