Important add-ons community announcement: addition of translations for add-ons are suspended, effective April 6, 2020


Hello NVDA community,


I’m Joseph Lee, one of the code contributors and community add-on authors and reviewers for NVDA screen reader project. First, at this difficult time, please stay safe and healthy, and support one another.


This is to inform you that, effective April 6, 2020, addition of translations for add-ons (new and existing add-ons) will be suspended. Although it is possible to add new add-ons for translations up to some point, there are certain processes that require intervention from community reviewers that involve access to the server used by NV Access. For security reasons, access to the server infrastructure will be limited to NV Access staff only.


This means the following requests will no longer be honored from the date noted above:

  • Translating newly reviewed add-ons.
  • Adding a new language to add-on translation if the language isn’t already a part of NVDA translations workflow.
  • Resolving conflicts with add-on data that cannot be resolved through automated workflow.


These requests might be honored again in the future.


Thank you.