NVDA 2019.3 and add-ons: more add-ons buying compatibility ticket


Hi NVDA developers and add-ons community,


Since we had two betas in a span of days, I figured it is time to give you an update as to what’s going on with add-ons and their compatibility with 2019.3:


There’s nothing to report expect…


NVDA Remote add-on is getting closer to making itself NVDA 2019.3 ready. Python 3 compatibility code from NV Access was merged into NVDA Remote add-on repo with some work to be done. Thus the compatibility status for this add-on is now “work in progress”.


Hopefully the next briefing will be sent when 2019.3 release candidate (RC) is sent. At that point, the add-ons community should enter release preparation phase where authors should start publishing NVDA 2019.3 compatible versions of add-ons or announce when compatible versions will be released to stable channel (I myself will publish schedule for my add-ons within 24 hours after 2019.3 RC goes out).