Joseph Lee's add-ons: next builds of Python 3 strict add-ons published


Hi all,


Back in August, I published two add-ons that absolutely requires NVDA 2019.3. Today, in addition to Resource Monitor and StationPlaylist, two new add-ons have joined the program: Golden Cursor and SystrayLilst. There is a fifth add-on – Windows 10 App Essentials, but there is no Python 3 strict version of that add-on because that add-on will rely on features present in NVDA 2019.3, not Python 3; hence, you’ve been getting “alpha” releases through regular development channel.


What’s new for these add-ons:


  • Golden Cursor: code cleanup, mostly dealing with removing Golden Cursor preferences dialog that was used prior to NVDA 2018.2.
  • Resource Monitor: version 19.10 features are included.
  • StationPlaylist: a preview of version 19.11 features is included.
  • SystrayList: code cleanup, along with removal of donation request dialog.


Download links:



  1. All of these add-ons require NVDA 2019.3.
  2. These are considered alpha snapshots.
  3. If you are using Add-on Updater, you won’t be able to check for updated versions of these add-ons – Add-on Updater doesn’t know how to check for updated versions of Python 3 strict add-ons.
  4. StationPlaylist: once you install this build, there is no going back i.e. you cannot downgrade.