Add-on Updater 19.01 (early Christmas present), requires NVDA 2018.4 #addonrelease


Hi everyone,


An early Christmas present for you: Add-on Updater 19.01 is now available. This one brings performance improves when checking for updates, two new add-on update checks, and new NvDA version requirement. Also, as of 19.01, Add-on Updater is Python 3 ready.


IMPORTANT: Add-on Updater 19.01 requires NVDA 2018.4.


You can get the new add-on release in two ways:


  • Manual:, select Add-on Updater and select stable version link.
  • Add-on Updater: check for add-on updates.



  • Several new and updated localizations.
  • Performance improvements when checking for add-on updates (done via threads).
  • Python 3 ready.


Another note to be aware of: there are add-ons hosted on some cloud datacenters that imposes time limit as to when you can download the add-on package. Thus, when NVDA says new add-on updates are available, please apply them as soon as possible. If you get an error that ends with “error 403” while downloading add-ons, please try checking for updates again.


Thank you.