.NET 4.8 DataGridView causes exception

Karl-Otto Rosenqvist

I just changed the .NET Framework version to 4.8 on a WinForms application I've created and when I ran it I got the following exception:

Managed Debugging Assistant 'NonComVisibleBaseClass'
Message=Managed Debugging Assistant 'NonComVisibleBaseClass' : 'Ett QueryInterface-anrop utfördes med en begäran om klassgränssnittet för den COM-synliga hanterade klassen DataGridViewTextBoxCellAccessibleObject. QueryInterface-anropet kommer dock att misslyckas eftersom den här klassen härleds från klassen DataGridViewCellAccessibleObject som inte är synlig för COM. Detta förhindrar att basklasser som inte är synliga för COM begränsas av versioneringsreglerna för COM.'

Ok, it's in swedish but the main problem here seems to be that the class that the DataGridViewTextBoxCellAccessibleObject derives from isn't visible for COM and therefore the query interface call will fail.

Visual Studio breaks for this exception and even if I press F5 to keep running the exception is thrown again. If I quit NVDA and then press F5 the application starts and shows the DataGridView just fine. I then start NVDA and it seems to work as expected. There's some new information spoken as "Not sorted" that wasn't there when it was using an older .NET Framework.

I'm running Version: alpha-20775,9a4074bc.

Are there anything I can do to further investigate this or should I just file it as a bug? The problem seems to be related to the .NET FFramework 4.8 rather than NVDA.

Kind regards

Karl-Otto Rosenqvist
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