Question for NV Access staff: Can we share the direct link to download NVDA?

Noelia Ruiz

Hello, I think this is possible, but do you agree with this practice,
considering that the NV Access download page is not translated and the
donation system is just in English?
We have shared the direct link on the spanish list for NVDA created by
me at, but we'd like to be sure that you agree about this
practice. We suppose that if we don't host the launcher on an external
website or service, if someone downloads NVDA from this link you can
get statistics appropriately.
I haven't posted the direct link to stable version on the website
associated with the mailing list in case you prefer we don't share it.
Can you clarify this?
On the website we say, in Spanish: To download NVDA, go to NV Access
website and then press the DOWNLOAd button, but this maybe tricky:


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