Re: Using Windows Sandbox with NVDA?

Akash Kakkar

As now the sandboxie is open source now, let's what comes on the table

On 6/28/20, Akash Kakkar <akash.misc07@...> wrote:
Thanks Joseph.
Ya Sandboxie is awesome. I was using it untill some time back since 2012

On 6/28/20, DaVid <dhf360@...> wrote:
I don't like windows sandbox, I prefer to use sandboxie. But NVDA is
unreliable with this software.
Also Windows sandbox is included with windows pro only.
Any solution for this?

Sorry to comment this here. I sent a message a long time ago about
this topic, but no one replied.
The compatibility with screen readers is enabled. So, I don't know if
this can be solved with a configuration or is NVDA issue.
Sandboxie can be used correctly with JAWS.


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