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These messages are not announced anymore when pressing Shift+Numpad7, Shift+Numpad9, Shift+Numpad1 and Shift+Numpad3 (desktop layout).

However they are still announced when pressing Numpad7, Numpad9, Numpad1 and Numpad3 if the review cursor is respectively at top line, bottom line, left char or right char and this is intended.



Le 21/06/2020 à 13:58, Rui Fontes a écrit :

Translating NVDA 2020.2 I found the following problems:

1 - In changes.t2t I have found this:

- Removed "top" and "bottom" messages when moving the review cursor to the first or last line of the current navigator object. (#9551)
- Removed "left" and "right" messages when moving the refiew cursor to the first or last character of the line for the current navigator object. (#9551)

but my NVDA 2020.2 Beta1 still announce those messages...

2 - Also in changes.t2t, found this:

- NVDA no longer freezes when you open the context menu for 1Password in the system notification area. (#11017)

- The tool-tips of the icons in the system tray are no longer reported upon keyboard navigation if their text is equal to the name of the icons, to avoid a double announcing. (#6656)

Should we use "system notification area" or "system tray"?

For me, we should use the first...

3 - In NVDA/Preferences/Settings, Advanced the itens in the Enabled logging categories list, are not translatable...

Rui Fontes

NVDA portuguese team

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