Sending keystrokes

Karl-Otto Rosenqvist

I wonder if anyone could point me in the right driection. I’d like to create a global plugin that converts some keystrokes to others. How can I send new key events from the Python code? It’s easy to bind the gestures to functions but how the heck do I generate a key press?

The goal is to use it on a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar running Windows. The MacBooks with Touch Bar lacs the physical function keys and your only option is to use the touch screen where the function keys are drawn.

I want to test using Ctrl + Win + 1 for F1, Ctrl + Win + 2 for F2 and so on.

The MacBook Pros have a very bright screen which I benefit from and I’d like to test this and see if it’s a good enough solution or not before I buy one, they are quite expensive...

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