Re: Process to make an NVDA app-specific addon for a web-based application

Noelia Ruiz

Hello, here are core developers of NVDA and they are experts in code.
I'm just an author and maintainer of some add-ons in collaboration
with community. I created placeMarkers add-on, in collaboration with
Chris and other contributors. You may be interested in looking at the
source code of this add-on, since it works in browse mode (in webpages
and other apps using it), and bookmarks and specific strings of text
to be searched are saved in files (in this case pickle and txt), to be
used in browse mode deppending on the title and other properties of
the website, so that they can work in different browsers:

Kind regards

2020-06-17 19:34 GMT+02:00, Julie Stoltz <jstoltz@...>:

Hi all,
I am very new to this group and the NVDA application, and I apologize if I
have missed anything critical in the steps to address this.

I searched the archives and development guide and did not find an answer to
my question.

Our company provides a web-based app to our clients. I have been looking
into NVDA and I see that it can be used to create application-specific
behavior. However, such addons are named for the executable file that opens
the application. In our case, our application is opened with a web address
in an Internet Explorer 11 browser.

Can NVDA work with domain-specific web applications? If so, how should the
addon be named? Are there any config settings I could use to create an alias
(I believe this is how JAWS addresses this issue)?

I know I can create an addon for IE itself, but that option would likely
interfere with other sites or applications run through IE, so I don't want
to go that route unless absolutely necessary.

Any guidance at all is greatly appreciated.

Julie Stoltz
Technical Communications Specialist
Cycom Data Systems, Inc.<>

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