Re: Finding components on an application from addon - asking for stategies and insights to do it

Pawel Urbanski

I've worked on an VS Code add-on. VSC is an Electron application. I
guess you could read though the code of Development Kit by Andy who
recently used Beautiful Soup library to parse HTML. The line number is
in teh status bar, which itself is hosted in some DIV container.
I will try to figure out if I could add line announcement to my add-on
by using textInfos offsets.

On 12/06/2020, Marlon Brandão de Sousa <> wrote:

I have a need for an addom. Basically, in VSCode, I many times need to
know the line / column I am at the moment.

I know that performing now a read status line will give me this
information, but there are many other things that I don't need on the
status bar when quickly in needs to know the line / collumn positions.

Further more, this is a specific case for a generic question so that
others can also learn the strategy to achieve the goals I am trying to
reach at the moment.

Basically, when scripting an addon, we are trying to do one of three
- Modify the way a given component is handled by NVDA so that it is read
- Query information from parts of the application and present them in an
easier way for the addon user, so that they can gater needed information
that is visually easy to get but that without sight would require the
user to perform object navigation and to visit several parts of the UI
to get.
- Similarly to the above, perform clicks or other manipulations on the
UI to achieve actions that are common to the work flow of the
application but that are either inaccessible via keyboard or very hard
to perform in a productive way, many times making an efficient use of
that application not viable at all.

My need with VS Code can be classified at the item 2 of the above list.

Unfortunately I get pretty lost when achieving second and third items.
The first is achievable by using an overlay class thus overwiting the
component NVDA uses to handle a given component. About The second and
third would involve navigating through the window structure and
searching components by some kind of id and then querying information or
sending actions too that component.

In the old times when NVDA didn't exist other screen readers offered
higher level API's to do just this kind of thing. Speaking of JAWS, the
home row utility helped a lot when exploring an application internal
structure so that we could try to find an id, a class, a Window name and
such and then search for that identifier to get access to the wanted
component state. How can I do something similar via NVDA addon? Is there
any addon, any piece of the source code I should look into to start
figuring it out?



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