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Deenadayalan Moodley



I want to add that I would like to see the ability to specify speech synth, and the voice to be used.  At this stage, if you have a number of voices, NVDA just picks the first one and uses it.  This is not always the best one for the job.


I did send a sample to NVDA where even things like Language tags in headings in tables is not being honoured.




From: <> On Behalf Of Julien Cochuyt
Sent: Thursday, 11 June 2020 17:38
Subject: [nvda-devel] Auto language switching - Voice selection


Dear all,


Does anyone know how to influence the selected voice when automatic language switching occurs?

In case this is synth-specific, the request comes from a customer using Microsoft OneCore as his primary synth.

Still, I'd be personally interested by info for other synth drivers, like eSpeak (my own daily horse) or SAPI 5.

I know there are some efforts made towards generalizing language detection and switching synth altogether (#279 / Dual Voice), but these go far beyond the simple configuration problem my customer is facing, which is comfortably reading his well tagged English/French/German documents.


Best regards,


Julien Cochuyt


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