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Rich Caloggero

Hi all.

Sorry for the newbie-type question, but is there a place I can find more info on upcoming ideas / proposals for NVDA. In particular, I am interested in this "fast web" thing mentioned in the following message. Tried searching github issues, but couldn't find anyting relevant.
-- Rich

-- Rich

On 5/26/2020 2:36 PM, Bill Dengler wrote:
Hi Reef et al,
Any updates on the 2020.2 release? In particular:
I'd consider #11132 (Say-all repeats some lines) to be a blocking issue. Maybe consider reverting cancellable speech for 2020.2, then restore it again for 2020.3 if a fix can't be found to avoid blocking the release?
I'd like to see #11206 (Browse mode with auto focus focusable elements disabled: Focus focusable ancestor at caret when forcing focus mode with NVDA+space) make it into the release, assuming it's stable. This way there, new fast browse mode can be tested in 2020.2 (as the non-default) and #11190 (which enables fast browse mode by default) can be pushed to 2020.3, giving users lots of time to test and report issues as this new default represents a major change to NVDA functionality.
Windows Terminal has now made it to version 1.0 (stable release), and NVDA 2020.2 makes this application accessible (it currently isn't on previous NVDA builds). We should release this functionality to users as soon as practical.
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Imo this may be documented if you find it useful, since the article about the release process was updated more than a year ago.
Kind regards
2020-04-29 14:59 GMT+02:00, Reef Turner <reef@...>:
In the past we have aimed for 4 releases a year. The new approach will
likely result in a variable number of releases per year. The releases
will be smaller but more often. The release process takes a minimum of
6 weeks from first beta until release. That said, releases may be
delayed up by high priority issues. Realistically, I don't expect the
number of releases to change drastically.

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Hey Reef,
You said:
--We are aiming for a shorter release cycle, so we will likely start
2020.2 beta as soon as the 2020.1 release is made.-- So, will it be
for always or only for this time? and if it will be persistent, then
how many releases we can expect in a year?
Although, I'm interested in having more releases throughout the year.

On 4/21/20, Reef Turner <reef@...> wrote:
The 2020.1 RC is currently blocked waiting for:
We are aiming for a shorter release cycle, so we will likely start
2020.2 beta as soon as the 2020.1 release is made.

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