Re: Running win10 without a monitor causes window size to become small?

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Actually the main problem for me in updating to 10, is that it screws up special software that windows 10 removes and trashes all the data. it then needs manual configuration again which is a pain in the rear. I personally feel that you should be able to tell windows 10s bi yearly updates to leave some software no matter what it is, alone even if it is a modified version of an older Microsoft product like word, Outlook Express or a legacy bespoke sound editor for talking newspapers. Yes all of these can run in 10, but it never lets you decide to keep them.
Now we have Edge for 7, then this is how it stays till something big happens. Instead I may buy a win 10 machine for those times when I need it.

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On Tue, 19 May 2020, Rich Caloggero wrote:

will be using my win7 laptop goind forward, but I also know that it's a bit risky since win7 is no longer being updated.
Out of curiocity: why not update it? I have been told that upgrading to win 10 for free is still possible. I can't confirm that, but at least in the days right after the D Date for Win 7, I know it was.


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