Re: About QT4 accessibility


Unfortunately, the level of accessibility of QT programs is very variable.
For example, while I can use VLC very accessible, I cannot use the application built with another qt5.

I can not understand why this is due.
Sometimes one of the programs in the same version is accessible while the other is not.

QT is a very popular library.
I hate not being able to use most programs.

I hope there is something NVDA can do about this.

On 17/05/2020 10:36, Alberto Buffolino wrote:
Hi all,
main question: is there a qtaccessiblewidgets4.dll publicly available and redistributable?
Explanation: in these years I have encountered many programs with QT4 GUI - the old Calibre, SPFlashTool (familiar to Android modders), Lightscreen, Lazesoft Recovery Suite, and others that I forgot - for which putting that DLL in a folder called "accessible" in their main path magically turns them from completely inaccessible to at least usable... but I got this DLL from an old Kindle for PC installation, so it obviously signed by Amazon LLc, that sounds very bad for my previous question. šŸ˜…
If there is a way to compile a generic version, I'm thinking, maybe we could make an add-on for this situation, or even include it in NVDA directly, like which was done for JAB...
I know that with QT5 the situation is better, but in my experience QT4 is still largely present and, unfortunately, often in software quite specialised.
Just a thought...



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