Re: Introducing our Google Summer of Code 2020 student: Shubham Jain

enes sarıbaş

Hello Shubham,

Your project is very interesting, and will be a game changer for NVDA users' access to information. I apologize if I am too overeager, but I would like to know if such an image recognition system could be utilized to solve capchas  that cannot be solved due to the inavailability of audio cues.

On 5/5/2020 2:00 PM, shubhamdjain7@... wrote:
Hello Noelia!

I am glad that you find my project interesting :)
It will certainly be a challenge to detect all images and generate useful and correct descriptions for them on browsers. I wish that this project will be useful and comfortable to use, just like the existing features.
The links you have shared are very helpful, thank you so much!

Looking forward to more collaboration with you.

Shubham Jain

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