Re: [nvda-addons] [nvda-devel] Add-on Template: latest happenings

Noelia Ruiz

Hi Luke, really I am talking about much more: I managed to use
appveyor in add-ons thanks to Abdel. Other people tried it too.
Anyway, my first successful experience was when Abdel developed an
functional appveyor file to be use in conjunction with add-on
template. He also added fixes in sconstruct to fix an issue produced
in documentation due to translations. Also, he uses appveyor even for
ftp, not just for GitHub.
Now I like a lot GitHub Actions and Mesar worked a lot creating
functional GitHub Actions which can download an executable for NVDA an
install it, so that eventually add-ons may be tested if needed in
GitHub servers. I worked with Mesar experimenting with Actions and he
is a super-developer with lot of skills.
I will wait for the future add-on store if finally becomes a reality,
since I think that each of us uses a version of sconstruct, appveyor,
Actions and so on, so maybe easier to know if a unified way is
I wrote a tutorial for using GitHub Actions and to be notified about
add-ons commit using Google services in the wiki:

Actions for experimenting (by Mesar and me) are at
All this maybe included in addonTemplate.

2020-05-06 0:26 GMT+02:00, Luke Davis <luke@...>:

On Tue, 5 May 2020, Noelia Ruiz wrote:

Also Abdel
made great contributions to appveyor.
Are you talking here about his additions to your wiki page about Appveyor?

If so, I agree, well done, both of you, for putting that together.

It may need some slight updates for Python 3.7 however. I will send


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