Re: Introducing our Google Summer of Code 2020 student: Shubham Jain

Noelia Ruiz

Hello Shubham, I am a spanish user of NVDA and your project is really
interesting. Imo, NVDA's interface (the possibility of using
customized gestures to display messages in different ways like braille
and speech) is comfortable and useful, and knowing the meaning of
images is very important. Of course they should be described by people
in most cases.
Imo a possible challenge maybe the possibility to detect images
without an alt text so that we can request them to be described via
I followed a course about web accessibility recommended by Quentin in
the In-Process blog of NV Access and there I learned about Wave, an
extension for web browsers which can report the presence of images not
detected by screen readers (when they don't have an alternative text):

I had this difficulty using a wonderful add-on created time ago (not
maintained as far as I know) by Larry Wang:
Hope you enjoy and thanks for your interest in these projects.

2020-05-05 17:44 GMT+02:00, Reef Turner <reef@...>:

Hi all,

On behalf of NV Access I would like to officially welcome Shubham Jain to
the NVDA project, as our Google Summer of Code 2020 student.

Between now and the end of August, Shubham will be working on "Image
captioning and Object recognition modules for NVDA".  You can read about NV
Access on Google Summer of Code, and Shubham's project abstract at ( )

Please join me in making Shubham welcome!


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