Re: Add-on Template: latest happenings

Andy B.

It doesn’t look like Developer toolkit will opt into flake8 anytime soon. I have features that take priority over formatting styles right now.



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From: Joseph Lee
Sent: Tuesday, May 5, 2020 4:19 AM
Subject: [nvda-devel] Add-on Template: latest happenings


Hi all,


Some important edits were made to community add-on template (source code:, mostly dealing with sconstruct file:


  • Custom versions and add-on documentation: previously when generating add-on documentation from command line tools, a custom version specified from command line would not be applied to add-on documentation. This has been fixed.
  • Add-on documentation: now generates HTML5 (credit: Noelia Martinez).


Also, some parts of add-on template will be subject to Flake8 tests/edits (mostly sconstruct), and hopefully modernizing sconstruct in the process. I don’t expect add-ons to use the new sconstruct, but I highly encourage you to update add-on source code based on latest happenings with the community add-on template to add uniformity.




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