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Noelia Ruiz

Yes, I didn"t know what cars are. This explanation is useful and I like the idea of using projects.

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El 1 may 2020, a las 13:17, Reef Turner <reef@...> escribió:

Yes, the GitHub project boards need some work to be easy to use with a screen reader that's for sure. Cards are just issues, but can be organized within the project by using the columns. The columns on these projects are automated, cards / issues will automatically move from "to do", "in progress", "review in progress", "review approved", "done" as the work progresses. For most, these details are probably not that useful, but may be interesting.

For most people, it's probably adequate to use the filter on the issue list project: is:open is:issue project:nvaccess/nvda/7
If you don't know the project number, use the 'projects' button on the issues page to select the project to filter by, it is announced as "clickable  button  collapsed  subMenu    Projects".
You can also find out which project and column an issue is in by looking at the issue itself. After labels is projects. It tells you which projects this issue is part of, the status of that project (done / in progress/ to do) and then the column the issue is in.

I hope this is helpful.

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