Re: #project-idea Grouping similar issues by project #project-idea

Noelia Ruiz

Hi, I like the idea of projects to make easier to pay attention to
specific and related issues. Anyway, a short explanation about the
differences between projects, cars and columns maybe useful for screen
reader users, at least for me :)
I have seen the shortcuts provided by GitHub pressing ?, but I don't
know how to interact with projects, though columns seem to be under
headings of level 3 and we can press g to go to issues, I think.
Kind regards

2020-04-30 16:28 GMT+02:00, Reef Turner <reef@...>:

I'd like to take advantage of GitHub's projects feature to make it easier
for new and existing developers to find work relevant to their interest,
group related work to help ensure it works towards a common goal and
generally be more organized.

I have just created one such project: [Project] Bullet / list UX ( )

These NVDA dev community projects will be prefaced with "[Project]" to make
filtering of the projects list easier with "is:open project" ( )

I'll add and announce these projects in 'nvda-devel' message board with the
hashtag #project-idea.

For now this can be considered a draft process. Any feedback on this is
welcome, for now I won't be creating a large collection of projects, first I
would like to see how NVDA devs react to this idea.

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