Re: Aria-live with atomic = false doesn't work in chrome?

Reef Turner

Given that this works in Firefox, this is likely an issue in Chrome. See Aria atomic seems to be ignored in Chrome #10866


According to the issue there hasn’t been any investigation about whether NVDA can work around this issue, I suspect not.

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I was implementing  a web chat. I wanted screen readers to read the new messages. So I used role="log", is equivalent to aria-live = "polite" and aria-atomic = "false".

But in chrome, NVDA and other screen readers read all messages in the list.

I don't know if its an issue of chrome or can be solved from screen readers. I didn't report this as an issue because seems to be a common issue with chrome.

What do you think? Can this be fixed for NVDA?


I'm using VUEJs, and react in another project too. But this happens even in the oficial example.

See the w3c example here:



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