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Nathaniel Schmidt

Hi Sam,

Glad to see you’re taking the plunge into the coding world. Not sure about your first question. The only thing that comes to mind is using something a bit sloppy like creating a script or event to utilise functionality of the review cursor, A bit like duplicating mouse functionality with the jaws cursor. But I can’t verify that this would serve your purposes unless you can elaborate with a more specific example of what you Are Actually trying to do. I think mostly I just don’t understand the nature of your query. What exactly do you mean by “another part of the screen”? maybe I’m just overthinking it but I don’t get what you mean.

Regarding your second query, something suggests to me that you might not yet be completely familiar with utilising inheritance. You can inherit the properties / attributes of another class by explicitly referencing the initial class between parentheses after naming your own new class. The initial class would then be considered to be the bass / super / parent class. Happy to try to talk you through this more privately, either via email or Messenger / Skype / WhatsApp but there woulD be other people on this list who know much more than I do. Maybe wait and see if you get some other responses first.

Nathaniel Schmidt

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On 16 Apr 2020, at 12:43 am, Sam Byrne <sam.byrne.90@...> wrote:

Hi All,

First attempt at Python here so please keep that in mind when responding. But excited to make something better. In the app module I'm writing I just need to pass a simple tab keystroke to bring the focus object into the right area so I can then navigate up the tree to the correct parent. Or how else can I move the focus quickly into a different area of the screen? I've googled but not managed to find any example code or documentation that might help me. The api.setFocusObject doesn't seem to be quite what I need here.

Next, how do I convert or use the object references NVDAobject.object. How do I get its name or other properties? This doesn't appear to be covered in the Developer guide. Seems somewhat central to having a good understanding as an outsider? An example would be fantastic!

Lastly, is anything in the works to silence the statusbar in Thunderbird? Seems to be a recent update now actively tells me all actions which are being completed and constantly reports how many emails I have. Or will that be my next challenge perhaps?

Thanks all,


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