Sam Byrne

Hi All,

First attempt at Python here so please keep that in mind when responding. But excited to make something better. In the app module I'm writing I just need to pass a simple tab keystroke to bring the focus object into the right area so I can then navigate up the tree to the correct parent. Or how else can I move the focus quickly into a different area of the screen? I've googled but not managed to find any example code or documentation that might help me. The api.setFocusObject doesn't seem to be quite what I need here.

Next, how do I convert or use the object references NVDAobject.object. How do I get its name or other properties? This doesn't appear to be covered in the Developer guide. Seems somewhat central to having a good understanding as an outsider? An example would be fantastic!

Lastly, is anything in the works to silence the statusbar in Thunderbird? Seems to be a recent update now actively tells me all actions which are being completed and constantly reports how many emails I have. Or will that be my next challenge perhaps?

Thanks all,


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