Re: building accessible user interface with python #3030-advice

Toni Barth


Am 04.04.2020 um 19:18 schrieb UMIT ERDEM Yigitoglu:
I'm trying to jump to programming world with python. 
I'm now in a stage where I am trying to learn about user interface "events models views). My question is where can ı find resources to make my UI accessible. I'm currently trying to use tkinter but non of my labels, messages are accessible with nvda. 
I have tried web for some information but it is very limited. 

I myself noticed that Tkinter doesn't seem to be accessible. For developing accessible UIs, stick with WxPython, which can get a bit tricky sometimes, or PyQt5, which is pretty easy to work with.

Best Regards.


I would appriciate any advice on how to continue and resource reccomandations. 
Best regards

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