Re: Bug in Chromium and Electron apps, can something be done about this taking in to account current circumstances?

Travis Siegel

This is a bug for sure, I've actually been wondering if anyone else was having this problem. At the moment, the only solution I've found is to alt-tab away, then back to the chrome process, then NVDA reads the updated page just fine. No idea why this broke when chrome updated, they're obviously doing something different in the latest release, though what that is, Ihaven't a clue. But, at least there's a work around until it gets fixed.

On Fri, 3 Apr 2020, mohammad suliman wrote:

Hello dear NVDA developers,Hope you are doing well!
Wanted to ask about the bug in Chrome, in which the user isn't notified when
the page refreshes. Is the bug a com error like this:
(07:10:33.128) - MainThread (18676):
could not get attributes
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "NVDAObjects\IAccessible\__init__.pyc", line 233, in
  File "comtypes\__init__.pyc", line 857, in __call__
  File "comtypesMonkeyPatches.pyc", line 26, in __call__
_ctypes.COMError: (-2147467263, 'Not implemented', (None, None, None, 0,
If this is the case, I saw now this bug in Microsoft Teams after I minimize
the window and then get back to it. Whatsapp on the desktop has a
similar issue, not sure the same underlying error is also present there. I
can check if this is interesting.
Now, as I' have heard that Chrome 81 witch addresses this issue won't be
released now due to COVID19, and I am also not sure that Electron framework
will get the fix, and taking in to account that Electron apps and Chrome is
widely used, I wonder if something can be done to ease those issues. I have
noticed that Narrator don't have the Teams issue, not sure about the others.
I mean to say that it seams that a work around is available? Is that
I am ready to help with code as much as I can.
Waiting for your response!
keep up the excellent work you are doing!

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