Re: nvda and hyper v servers issues

Marlon Brandão de Sousa

Hello, it is muted because once the connection is established then you are controlling the virtual machine. This is why it says input capture window, because from NVDA stand point of view you are operating something it (NVDA) has no control on its content.

When you control a virtual machine, from your operating system point of view that window is printing only graphics nothing that the system and thus NVDA have ways of extracting information from, thus becoming useless.

In order to run the virtual machine accessibly, that machine has to have a screen reader running and also a virtual sound card where the screen reader running on can output sound. Your virtualization engine then has to provide that virtual sound card for the virtual machine and link the sound from that card into some real sound card on your physical device. It happens though that hyper-v does not provide a virtual sound card device, as far as I can remember. So, unless you use other strategies, you won't be able to control a VM in an accessible way using hyper-v. Other strategies might include use braille through a virtual usb adapter (not sure if hyper-v provide these though, possibly not) or ask someone to install your virtual machine, install nvda, configure nvda remote and latter use nvda remote on your physical device to control nvda on the virtual machine.

I suggest you use vmware or virtualBox ... however be prepared to have a very sluge experience, as Windows VMs running on Windows hosts are usually very slow.

On 13/03/2020 03:58, Marvin Hunkin wrote:

Hi. I use windows 10 pro 64 bit on a assus laptop. Doing a it networking course and using the remote connection wizard. Put in the ip address, user name and password, click connect. Hear it say connecting to the ip address, then I hear input capture window. Then I hear nothing. The audio kills. Do have windows audio and windows audio end points enabled automatically in admin tools in control panel. So just need to use hyper v under windows 10, so I can then install other os on this virtual machine, windows server, hyper v and other servers, system centre, docker, etc. so how do I fix this. Do have the nvda remote add-on enabled and installed. So maybe quentin has run into this issue before and maybe a fix or work around.


Ps: have the same issue with jaws home 64 bit 2020, and maybe I need to purchase the jaws remote support. But not sure how much it costs. Whether I need to purchase or my educational institution needs to purchase. Annoying.

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