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Arnold Loubriat

Hi Shubham, and welcome here!

I’m Arnold, one of the many small contributors to the NVDA project. I’m currently enrolled in an AI programme at Epitech Paris, France.

I also had a similar idea in the past, but was lacking knowledge on the topic of image recognition. Helping you implementing such feature in NVDA would allow me to practice my newly acquired skills.

Looking forward to working with you!

Kind regards,




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Hello Everyone!
I'm Shubham Jain from Bengaluru, India.

I am a prospective student for the Google Summer of Code 2020 program and would like to work with this wonderful community over the course of this summer!

For my project proposal, I suggested an AI model that generates captions for input images which can then be communicated to the user via the various mechanisms NVDA already has in place. Michael Curran also suggested I add a feature that allows touch-screen users to move their finger over images and be prompted with any recognized object that they slide their finger over.

If you have any suggestions, doubts, ideas, tips or anything else, please do reply! I am looking forward to getting to know and working with all of you :)

Shubham Jain


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