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Hello Mohammad,
Thanks for suggestion. I made simple swing app with edit and tested. It looks that problem is really in android studio code editor, because it works as expected in my swing app.
Will try to contact people in Jet brains (Android studio is based on IntelliJ Idea), or may be google accessibility team, they worked on accessibiility of Android studio.
With best

On 21. 2. 2020 15:00, mohammad suliman wrote:
Hello Pieter
I will suggest to perform the same steps with the swingset2 application and see what happens. If you encounter the same issue, I think it’ s safe to assume that this is a NVDA bug, if not, then this will be a Studio one IMO.
Let us know how things goes for you.
All the best!
On Fri, 21 Feb 2020 at 15:40 Peter <lecky_lists@... <mailto:lecky_lists@...>> wrote:
Hello all,
I am using Android studio and it seems that it is not possible to move
caret to review cursor in edits. Is this a bug of nvda or the
problem in
accessibility implementation of edit in studio, or may be somewhere in
JAB? Steps to reproduce:
1. open Android Studio and and focus code editor with some code.
2. Move review cursor to some place in the edit, which is different
caret position, e.g. 5 lines down
3. Try to move caret to review cursor (press twice nvda+shift+bckspc).
Nvda says the character under the review cursor but caret does not
I tested also function nvda+shift+f9 (move cursor to saved selection
position) with same results.
I can submit a bug to tracker if this  is a nvda's bug.
Any ideas?
With best and thanks
Peter Lecky
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