Caret movement in Android studio


Hello all,
I am using Android studio and it seems that it is not possible to move caret to review cursor in edits. Is this a bug of nvda or the problem in accessibility implementation of edit in studio, or may be somewhere in JAB? Steps to reproduce:
1. open Android Studio and and focus code editor with some code.
2. Move review cursor to some place in the edit, which is different than caret position, e.g. 5 lines down
3. Try to move caret to review cursor (press twice nvda+shift+bckspc). Nvda says the character under the review cursor but caret does not move. I tested also function nvda+shift+f9 (move cursor to saved selection position) with same results.
I can submit a bug to tracker if this is a nvda's bug.
Any ideas?
With best and thanks

Peter Lecky

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