Add-on Updater will require NVDA 2019.3 starting March 10, 2020, a speicla change fro alpha snapshot users


Hi all,


A few weeks ago I announced to the NVDA community that Add-on Updater will be the last add-on from me to require NVDA 2019.3. This decision was made in consideration for people who may need to use 2019.2.1 and earlier a little longer.


But the countdown has begun: after March 10, 2020 (the day Add-on Updater 20.03 is scheduled to be released, which happens to be 30 days after 2019.3 is released), Add-on Updater will require NVDA 2019.3. No exceptions, no extensions.


Also, a special change will be implemented in consideration for people using alpha snapshots: starting from Add-on Updater 20.03, those using alpha snapshots (master branch) will no longer receive incompatibility prompts if trying to update add-ons in most cases. The only time you’ll get an incompatibility notice when updating add-ons through Add-on Updater will be when NV Access updates minimum API version for all add-ons (currently set at 2019.3) and the add-on in question does not cover the updated API version in the compatibility range (minimumNVDAVersion <= newAPIVersion <= lastTestedNVDAVersion). This change is destined for alpha snapshot users only – those using betas, RC’s, and stable releases will continue to receive incompatibility notices if an add-on update isn’t compatible with latest NVDA version as seen internally (versionInfo.version_*).




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