Re: problems opening the task manager



I'm trying to understand more its behavior.
In practice, after open the task manager and press down arrow the speech synthesis stops speaking. All screen reader commands do not work, and often  NVDA needs to be restarted.
When I press ctrl+TAB to switch tabs NVDA announces unknown, sometimes NVDA says nothing.
I'm testing the latest alpha versions and running NVDA from source,
on Windows 10Ver1909 (64-bit) build 18363.592.



James Scholes ha scritto il 06/02/2020 alle 22:22:

...the purpose of this thread isn't really clear. @ChrisLM, could you expand on the problems you're experiencing with the Task Manager, or opening it, or whatever specific area of functionality isn't working?  I've just pressed Ctrl+Shift+Escape, the Task Manager opened, so what next?

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