Re: problems opening the task manager

James Scholes

The task manager in Windows 10 is completely different to the one in Windows 7. It has some significant problems, and many people would probably say it was worse than the previous incarnation (myself included).

With that said, though, the purpose of this thread isn't really clear. @ChrisLM, could you expand on the problems you're experiencing with the Task Manager, or opening it, or whatever specific area of functionality isn't working? I've just pressed Ctrl+Shift+Escape, the Task Manager opened, so what next?

@Noelia, the Task Manager isn't written in Java, so I'm not sure what any Java issues have to do with it.


James Scholes

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How come it works so well in Windows 7, though?
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Hi, me too. Maybe related to recent Java support?
This is listened and shown in speech viewer:
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_211\bin\jabswitch.exe  terminal
The Java Access Bridge has been
If you run source master, not an installed copy, though Java support
is not enabled from NVDA itself, maybe affected by a previous try if
you didn't restart the computer?
David is mentioning some previous issues, but I think this can be different.
Also, years ago NV Access worked on performance issues also related to
task viewer: Hope this helps
2020-02-05 23:40 GMT+01:00, ChrisLM <@Christianlm>:

before open a issue, can someone else try to open the windows task
manager with control+shift+escape, or run taskmgr?

I have encountered serious problems in the task manager dialog using
last NVDA rc3, last alpha and running the source master...



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