Re: problems opening the task manager

Noelia Ruiz

Hi, me too. Maybe related to recent Java support?
This is listened and shown in speech viewer:
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_211\bin\jabswitch.exe terminal
The Java Access Bridge has been

If you run source master, not an installed copy, though Java support
is not enabled from NVDA itself, maybe affected by a previous try if
you didn't restart the computer?
David is mentioning some previous issues, but I think this can be different.
Also, years ago NV Access worked on performance issues also related to
task viewer:

Hope this helps

2020-02-05 23:40 GMT+01:00, ChrisLM <@Christianlm>:


before open a issue, can someone else try to open the windows task
manager with control+shift+escape, or run taskmgr?

I have encountered seriousĀ  problems in the task manager dialog using
last NVDA rc3, last alpha and running the source master...



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