Re: NVDA crashes if non-ASCII characters are in the path

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I wonder how many people this might affect? If somebody likes espeak, one supposes this will be people who use other languages than the Latin based ones with this synth. I could not see the issue on the Espeak mail list, so suspect its been around for a while. Could an older version be used to temporarily fix this as it might make some people not want to switch, assuming of course the problem is not already in the current stable python 2. I'd not know.


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Hi Nikita,

Thanks for pointing this out. It is a known issue [1]. We are confident this is caused by an issue in espeak and there is little we can do about it in the short term. We hope that the espeak maintainers will fix this issue, but unfortunately it is too late for a fix to be included in 2019.3.


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