Re: About ui.message in NVDA 2019.3

Reef Turner

Hi Javi,

This sounds suspicious, given the speech refactor work, there could indeed be changed behaviour here. Did you get to the bottom of why this occurs?

Reef Turner
Software Developer @ NV Access

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Sent: Saturday, 21 December 2019 11:07 PM
Subject: [nvda-devel] About ui.message in NVDA 2019.3


I am adapting an add-on for NVDA 2019.3 and I have noticed strange behavior at speak messages.

I have something like this:

x, y = winUser.getCursorPos()
ui.messages("cursor in %d,%d" % (x,y))
winUser.setCursorPos(a, b)
ui.message("Moved to %d,%d" % (a,b))

in 2019.2 and earlier all messages are spoken, as always, but in 2019.3 beta the first message is spoken but not the second or the following.

Is there any reason for this or is it perhaps a mistake?


Javi Dominguez

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