Re: [nvda-addons] Important community notice: localization repos are moving from Bitbucket to GitHub



OK. I have re-created the PR on Github so that it is not forgotten.

When Mesar gives the green light and when Beqa has the right to push in InstantTranslate repo, I hope Beqa will approve and be able to merge this PR.



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Hi Cyrille, I deleted repos on Bitbucket. My apologizes, I didnt realise about this pull request. I helped Mesar in the process of moving repos to Github forking some repos and removing other ones and doing my best to provide info about addons currently maintained. Of course if any addon is pending it can be registered or unregistered. I think it is better you wait Mesars instructions, since for now we are discussing the workflow before Mesar completes automation tasks to be implemented in the process, and he requested we dont release or push to the repos hosted in the org for now. I thought that your pr was merged.
Cheers and sorry for the inconveniences.

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El 4 ene 2020, a las 1:20, Cyrille via Groups.Io <> escribió:

Hello all

And happy new year to all.

What about currently opened pull requests from bitbucket repos? Are they simply deleted?
I had a PR opened for InstantTranslate not yet merged and this does not appear anymore in Github. Should I open a new PR.
Is there a risk to have other opened PRs lost?

Did you see my PR to update InstantTranslate supported languages?
I have also sent you personnaly an e-mail on 19/12/2019.



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ok, then.

no problem at all.

On 1/2/20, Abdel <abdelkrim.bensaid@...> wrote:
Hi Beqa and all,

Happy 2020 everyone.

Sorry, I may not have understood your question.

It seems to me that Mesar had recommended that we not push for the moment.

Of course, I know it will be necessary to push later, but not before
the green light from Mesar.

As you are the author of this add-on, you will certainly have the
right to push and manage.

Kind regards,

Le 01/01/2020 à 19:01, Beqa Gozalishvili a écrit :
hi abdel and all.

first of all, happyt new year to all.

of course i know how to clone and from where.

i meant push permission on instanttranslate repo.

for now it is not necessary but i think it could be needed for some time.


On 12/29/19, Abdel <abdelkrim.bensaid@...> wrote:
Hi Beqa,

You can clone the repo of the instantTranslate add-on by using the
following command:

git clone
For the moment, nothing should be pushed, we must wait for the
green light and the instructions from Mesar which he will publish soon.


Kind regards,

Le 29/12/2019 à 20:03, Beqa Gozalishvili a écrit :

could you tell me how to get push access for specific repos?
for this time for instant translate.


On 12/29/19, Mesar Hameed <mesar.hameed@...> wrote:

I am pleased to say the move of all addons have been migrated to

This has been a lot of work for me and Noelia in the last few
days, and hopefully the community will benefit from this
particular change.

We still have two important repos in bitbucket, but will migrate
those to github once bitbucket support fix my account.

I know I have not written up any documentation yet - it is still
on my todo list.
in the meantime, if you have push access to the nvdaaddons
repositories, please refrain from pushing to those repos until I
have posted the proposal to the workflow and we have had a chanse
to discuss it on the addons list.

Thanks for reading.

with best regards beqa

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