Re: Important request for add-on authors and users: please focus on stability and Python 3 compatibility (no new features) until NVDA 2019.3 stable version is released


The users that can't upgrade to NVDA 2019.3 could use an older release
of this add-on. Sometimes is difficult to fix or implement a new
feature without break something in older versions, need more testing,
ETC. The speech and synthDriver part of the NVDA's framework has many
changes. It will be easier for me and will be able to optimize the

Is not a similar case with beep kebyboard for example. In that case
the code is exactly the same for old and new versions. The use of six
help to keep it compatible easily.


2019-12-12 5:13 GMT-06:00, Luke Davis <luke@...>:

Out of curiosity: why would you do that? If it is already compatible, why
it more difficult for those who have to remain on 2019.2.1 or other earlier


At least until all common add-ons are ported, there will be people who can't

upgrade because they require some add-on.

It shouldn't actually be hurting anything to retain Python 2 compatibility
some time, should it? At least until that compatibility breaks
something in 2019.3 or beyond, or makes the add-on sluggish, or whatever
negative impact.

But if it just stays dormant and doesn't require active maintenance within
add-on, but helps those using 2019.2.1 and below, I don't get the value of
removing it.


On Wed, 11 Dec 2019, DaVid wrote:

Yes, possible.
Mi add-on, the IBMTTS driver, is compatible with python 2 and 3 at the
same time.
A synth driver is a complex add-on I'd say, because use a lot of
features that changed in the NVDA's framework.

I'll will remove the compatibility with python 2 when NVDA 2019.3 is

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