Re: Important request for add-on authors and users: please focus on stability and Python 3 compatibility (no new features) until NVDA 2019.3 stable version is released

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Just a few comments on this bit...

starting on December 15, 2019, any add-on that fails to even install on NVDA 2019.3 beta, even though their code is Python 3 ready, will result in those add-ons becoming "incompatible" I.e. manifest checks will become mandatory.

I'd have thought that if somebody has checked their code is Python 3 ready, they would have also fixed the manifest. It might be a good idea to tell users how to fix the manifest if they know the add on will probably work. They can always disable it if they hit an issue later on. I refer to add ons that are very simple such as fake clipboard announcements etc.

Also, starting from that date, even though the add-on does install on 2019.3 beta, if it fails to start in 2019.3 beta will result in "incompatible" label
Are you referring here to ones like Pico synth and Speech player in Espeak? I've not seen anything other than synths fall into this zone, they either install and work or don't work otherwise.
To make sure add-ons are compatible with NVDA 2019.3 from day 1, I advise the following to be done by the NVDA community as a whole:
1. No feature requests: until NVDA 2019.3 stable version comes out, please DO NOT request new features for add-ons. The only exceptions should be localization and documentation edits.
I'm sure that there are add ons out there being tweaked for features and also checked for compatibility at the same time. One assumes in such cases a the review process might need to be gone through again?
2. Focus on stability: this includes making sure add-ons are compatible with 2019.3, and if needed, older releases.
I was also going to ask, is it technically possible to build add ons that work for both python2 and 3 and don't fall full of the missing libraries and other files that have been changed so imports fail on one or the other version of nvda?

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