Clipspeak 1.1 development snapshot, compatible with NVDA 2019.3


Hi all,


I guess I need to maintain Clipspeak for a little while: version 1.1 November 30th development snapshot is now available for testing:


This version makes the add-on compatible with NVDA 2019.3. It wasn’t compatible until now due to use of win32clipboard module, which is gone in NVDA 2019.3; for anyone relying on any Pywin32 modules such as win32clipboard and win32api, please use relevant Windows API functions (for clipboard, you should use functions exported by user32.dll). If things go well, 1.1 stable will go out sometime next week.


Also, the community is looking for someone to maintain this add-on from 2020 onwards (Damien noted on a number of occasions that someone should take care of this add-on). I myself will maintain this add-on on behalf of the community until either someone steps up or until February 2020, whichever happens later.



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