Community ad-ons process and website update: legacy add-ons


Hi all,


The add-ons people have received numerous reports of incompatible add-ons listed on community add-ons website, along with reports of at least one add-on that wasn’t maintained actively until recently. To highlight these, a “legacy add-ons” section has been created at the following page:


For purposes of record keeping, a legacy add-on is an add-on that is no longer actively maintained and/or incompatible with recent NVDA releases. When a new add-on maintainer is found or the add-on becomes compatible with recent NVDA releases, they will return to either “stable” or “development” status depending on the status prior to legacy declaration. Some add-ons will be removed after being declared “legacy” for some time if the add-on becomes unnecessary, mostly due to features from the add-on becoming part of NVDA screen reader.


Thank you.



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