Refreshable Braille Display Help


We are a group of students entering our country's top science exhibition, doing our project on refreshable braile displays, as we were interested in the idea of making the computer more accessible to all. We came across NVDA and found out it was perfect for what we stood for and needed.

But, we are having trouble making our board compatible with NVDA and was wondering if anybody could guide us on how it could be done or if it can be done at all. I understand this may be quite a complex topic, especially over messaging, but even help on where to turn to for advice would be great. We understand that other displays have been made compatible also.

The board is recognised by Windows (as of Win10 Ver 1903 Build 18362.476).

I understand that a project like this would not be in developers interest, as it won't be comercially available, but any help at all would be greatly appreciated and would be extremely beneficial.


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