Backwards incompatible change notice: speech and braille - get*TextForProperties -> getProperties*


Hi all,


Yesterday a new speech sequence mechanism was incorporated into NVDA master (alpha) branch, and with it, function names have changed. So if your code (including add-ons) relies on the following functions, please change it now:


  • speech.getSpeechTextForProperties -> speech.getPropertiesSpeech
  • braille.getBrailleTextForProperties -> braille.getPropertiesBraile


For add-ons requiring NVDA 2019.3, go ahead and rename these functions in your modules. For ones needing to support NVDA 2019.2 and earlier, be sure to perform attribute checks (hasattr).


The following add-ons are affected by this change:


  • AudioThemes
  • Windows 10 App Essentials
  • Possibly more


Thank you.



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